Can I create an obituary page from my smartphone?

Yes, you absolutely can. With over 93% of the US population now using a smartphone, we want to make sure every family has the opportunity to create an ePassing Obituary Page from the palm of their hand. 

So how does it work? Click register in the upper right hand corner from any screen, and follow these simple two steps: 

Step 1: Provide a valid email address, password, and basic information about who the page is for.


Step 2: Provide payment information for the small, one-time fee of $3.


Once you've completed these two simple steps, you'll have full access to every feature in your ePassing  dashboard. You can use our obituary template to began writing the obituary,  invite close family members and friends to help with the page, and add important arrangement details. In addition, you can easily create a slideshow for page visitors and arrangement attendees as well as add important life events. Once your loved one's page is complete, publish the page and began sharing it it with family and friends. You can share it directy from your dashboard via our email notification system as well as on Facebook and other social platforms.

NOTE: Due to the amount of information and the unique features available in your ePassing Family Dashboard, we believe it is more efficient and convenient from a user perspective to finalize and publish an ePassing Obituary Page from a desktop computer or tablet.


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