How do I add arrangement services details to the page?

An important and timely part of your loved one's obituary page is providing page visitors with the date, time and location of upcoming arrangement services. To add these details to the page, please navigate to 'Arrangement Details' on the left handed navigation bar in your family dashboard (pictured below). In many instances page visitors can use this information to send flowers, get driving directions, receive a calendar placeholder and support your loved one's memorial fund.

Types of arrangement services to include are:

  • Visitation: An event that gives family and friends the opportunity to express sympathy to your loved one, and can include a viewing of your loved one. Important details to add include location, address, date(s), starting and ending times, and time zone.
  • Funeral: This is the observance held for your loved one, usually occurring before burial or cremation. Important details to add include location, date(s), starting and ending times, and time zone. 
  • Cemetery: If your loved one has a burial plot, you can add important details about this including location, plot number and/or plot details, along with a link for driving instructions.
  • Memorial Fund: If you and your family setup a fund to perpetuate the spirit and character of your loved one, you can add this here. Details include the fund name, description and purpose, location (if applicable), photo(s), and a link to provide further information. 

The black arrow guides in the screenshot below show you where to navigate in your dashboard to select the arrangement details and type.



NOTE: If you are having multiple visitations and/or funeral services for your loved one, we suggest you list this important information at the conclusion of your loved one's obituary. We're actively working on a feature that will allow you to add multiple visitation and funeral arrangements to an ePassing Page, and will inform you when it's available.

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