Obituary template and guide

Writing an obituary isn't something that many people have experience doing. It is also one of the greatest opportunities we have to share our life story or honor the life story a loved one. That is why we've created the Official ePassing Obituary Writing Template and Guide to help you write an obituary for yourself or your loved one's ePassing Obituary Page.


This incredibly helpful resource is made available after you create your ePassing account. Additionally, you can easily cut and paste the template into an ePassing Obituary Page. Or if you need additional help writing an obituary you can use our Certified Obituary Writers to help ( Additional Fees Apply). The cost of an ePassing Obituary Page is only $3. This small fee helps make our service sustainable, saving families an average of $350 in obituary fees charged by newspapers and funeral homes learn more; and ensures that every family has an affordable way to honor their loved one. 

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If you plan to visit a funeral home to make arrangements for your loved one, request an itemized listing of each charge. In many cases, the cost of a small obituary on their funeral home page can cost upward of $350; and this doesn't include the additional fee they charge to submit it to the newspaper. With ePassing, you can eliminate these costs altogether. 

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