What is the cost of an ePassing Obituary Page?

It's only $3, and it lasts forever. We're a purpose-driven organization that has made it our mission to ensure that every family has the opportunity to share and preserve their loved one's life story. That's why our service is so affordable. By charging a small, nominal fee it also ensures that our organization can be viable and available to future families. 

Not only is the page just $3, we actually save families an average of $350 in obituary costs. These savings - which would normally be spent on newspaper or funeral home website obituaries - can range from $250 to $3,000. Plus, we provide families with much more than an obituary surrounded by ads in the back of a newspaper. An ePassing Obituary Page includes:

  • Lasts more than one day. Newspapers are only in circulation for one day and most charge $6-10 per word not included a black and single photo that costs upwards of $100.00.
  • No end date. It's your loved one's page forever. There are no monthly or annual costs to keep it online.
  • Absolutely no ads. It's all about your loved one's life story.
  • Full control. At anytime you and your family can update the life story, add life events, personalize the slideshow, view real-time page interactions and so much more.
  • Planning and contact tools. We help you plan for the days to come. We notify your personal contacts about the passing of a loved one, sharing important arrangement details as well as an RSVP feature so you can plan for how many people will be coming.

And that's not all. Once you create your account and access your simple family dashboard, you'll see the true power of this modern, meaningful obituary service. Ready to get started? Honor your loved one's life story here



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