How is ePassing different than a newspaper obituary?

Great question, and one we hear often.

Did you know that some newspapers charge over $10 per line? Check it out. On average, families spend anywhere from $400 to $3000 for a printed obituary that only shares basic information about their loved one's life and limits them to one photograph. Most importantly, printed obituaries provide no notification service, have a declining readership and exist for only one day.

Our service provides a single place to honor your loved one's life story and notify your families personal contacts when your loved one has passed.

Here's a few things that make ePassing unique:

  • It's only $3. No hidden fees. No monthly or annual charges. It's your loved one's life story, and it deserves to be shared and preserved for future generations.
  • No Ads. Your loved one's page is only about them.
  • Complete Control. Update or edit your loved one's obituary at any time and view all obituary page interactions in real-time.
  • You're Not Alone. Invite family members to help you write the obituary, add life events and build a beautiful slideshow.
  • We Let People Know. Our simple notification service sends your family's personal contacts a notification email that includes important arrangement details.
  • Beautiful Slideshow. Easily create a slideshow of your loved one to share with page visitors as well as to use at the upcoming arrangements.
  • RSVP Planning. Visitors can RSVP to upcoming arrangements, helping you plan for the days to come.
  • Thank You Message. Send a heartfelt thank you note and picture to your family's personal contacts, thanking them for their support.

And that's not it, there's even more to this incredibly affordable, easy-to-use service. Learn more about how ePassing help families or click the link below to get started.

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