How do I share the page on Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter sharing options are available throughout our site. You can even share an ePassing Obituary Page with your family and friends by using Facebook’s Messenger app from right inside your ePassing family dashboard in the 'Share Obituary' section. You can pick and choose which Facebook friends to send the page to, and send a personal message along with it.

Plus, page visitors can easily share the ePassing Page with family and friends on their Facebook timeline or through additional social sharing options available on the ePassing Page. 

NOTE: When sharing the page on Facebook or Twitter, it's strongly recommended to ask your Facebook friends or Twitter followers to leave their favorite memories, stories and pictures of your loved one on their ePassing Obituary in their guestbook. Often times these are shared on the Facebook post or Twitter feed, and as a result cannot be viewed by everyone who visits the obituary page. 

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