Do health care organizations use your service?

Yes, currently there are over 430 health care organizations and professional around the country that use ePassing's service to help families. These organizations include hospice professionals, home health care professionals and senior citizen care workers. 

The service is shared with families thru personal email invitations sent from the health care partner account, word of mouth, social media, and traditional collateral pieces. Sharing the service with families is incredibly fulfilling. When the service is shared, the family then has the opportunity to be proactive in planning their loved one's obituary, and this is especially important to the families loved one. In fact, over 86% of seniors and 95% of hospice patients indicated they would prefer to help write their obituary. 

If you know of a health care professional that you believe could use this resource to share with families, share this article with them or click here. There is no risk and no cost for health care professionals to use the service to help families.

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