When should I revisit my account to update the page?

This is a great question, and one we hear frequently.

Your loved one's ePassing Page was created to last well beyond the time of their passing. It's meant to preserve your loved one's life story, forever, in a single place.

So how often should you log back into your account to manage the page once the services are over? That's completely up to you, but here are some important things to consider:

  • It helps in the healing process. Revisiting your loved one's page always helps bring back important memories, and reminds you of the special part they played in your life. 
  • Email forwarding and social sharing. The ePassing notification email can continue to get forwarded on for days, weeks and even months, meaning new page visitors and entries in the Guestbook. The same applies for social sharing.
  • Your loved one's name always lives on. Their name will come up in conversations in the months and years to come, and that can lead to future page visits. Also, people might google your loved one's name, find their ePassing Page, and leave a new memory or moment in the Guestbook.
  • You learn something new. You might run into a family member, friend or former peer of your loved one and learn something you didn't know. Always consider adding or updating the page with this information, as it helps share the whole story now and for future generations.
  • Pictures are powerful. It's likely you're going to come across images after the arrangements that you'd love to add to their life story.
  • Real-time page activity, forever. From your account, you can view all page activity indefinitely.
  • Future features: We're hard at work building features that will help your love one's life story live on. This includes important reminders for your contacts, like your loved one's birthday and the anniversary of their passing. 


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