What does an ePassing notification email look like?

One of the most helpful features included with your account is our easy-to-use obituary notification email. From your account dashboard in the 'Share Obituary' section you can upload your personal contacts, and select which contacts you'd like to share the page with. This feature is compatible with Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and Facebook Messenger. 

The personal contacts you select to notify will receive an email like the one pictured below. It is composed of three key areas. The content for each area is automatically pulled from the information that you entered in your ePassing Dashboard, and comes together to form a personal and touching email message.

  • In Memory Of: Here we share a picture of your loved one along with a personal invitation to view their ePassing Page. This includes a direct link to the page, and invites the recipient to read their obituary, and share their favorite moments and memories.
  • Information About the Days to Come: Your personal contacts will have direct access to important arrangement details for upcoming services. This includes dates and times, driving directions, and a calendar placeholder. Additionally, recipients are invited to view the Guestbook and share their favorite moments, memories, and photos.
  • Let People Know: The family and friends that you send the notification email to can also share this important news with their own contacts.  

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