Things to consider when thinking about who to notify.

In the immediate moments and hours after a loved one passes, the unfortunate reality sets in that planning for the days to come must begin. Here are some important tips to consider when discussing who the family should notify:

  • Involve close family members and friends. Oftentimes it works best to divide the responsibilities amongst everyone involved with the planning.
  • Assign one single person to be the ePassing Page creator. They can then help all the others by inviting them to be users, and encourage them to notify their personal contacts. 
  • Does your loved one have a notification list in place? In some occasions, people create a list for the family before they pass that includes who they'd like notified. Check with everyone involved to determine if a list like this exists. 
  • Word of mouth is a powerful communication tool. Even with the help of ePassing, asking your family and friends to share the information can be helpful. Remind them they can forward the ePassing notification email and share it socially.
  • Don't worry about notifying someone twice. We've built in a feature that ensures no email address will ever receive the notification email twice. So if you and the users you've added have shared contacts, don't worry, we'll only send it once.
  • Notify anyone who was part of their life. Too many times we hear news of the passing of a friend or extended family member after all the services are over. That's one of the reasons ePassing was founded: so we can give you the opportunity to let everyone who was part of your loved one's life know.
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