How was the idea of ePassing born?

The story of ePassing came naturally. From the start, it was an organization meant to touch people's lives around the world in a positive way, using modern technology to make a difference. After losing someone close, it became clear that telling everyone who needed to know was going to be difficult and require more time than was available in the coming days. It was also surprising to see how antiquated, limited and expensive it was to share the story of one's life with an obituary through traditional mediums like the newspaper or funeral homes. At that moment, ePassing was born.

It is ePassing's mission to provide a single place for every person, everywhere, to share the news that a loved one has passed. ePassing provides families' a timeless place that helps each of us honor and celebrate moments and memories of their loved one's life story - and does it at a cost that makes it available to every family. 

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