How is ePassing different than traditional obituary services?

Short answer: It's incredibly affordable at only $3, providing families with a single place to share and preserve their loved one's life story. We save families on average $350 in obituary costs charged by funeral homes and newspapers, and provide significantly more features and support. 

Now, here's the long answer: So, how did we get there? To understand how ePassing could make the end of life process better, we took a hard look at the loss of a loved one through the perspective of a family with a loved one in hospice care. What we found were two very unique and difficult challenges families face when their loved one has passed.

First, how do they let everyone who has ever been a part of their loved one’s life know about their passing, and how do they share important details about the days to come?

If you look at the options, it can be overwhelming. Calling everyone takes too much time. Even with their declining readership newspaper obituaries still cost more than $10 per word. And social media sources like Facebook simply aren't for everyone, as less than 20% of adults in the U.S. use it on a daily basis. To fix this problem, and eliminate this chaotic approach, we created a service that provides a single solution to notify all your personal contacts. You can notify them by email, through Facebook's messaging app, and soon through an SMS solution.

The second unique and difficult challenge that families face when they lose someone is how to honor their loved one’s life story.


By definition, an obituary should honor and preserve one's life story, and it should be shared with everyone who was a part of it.

Unfortunately, the traditional options for sharing your loved one's life story are limited and expensive. Over time, obituaries have simply become a brief paragraph or listing of a person’s surviving relatives. And obituary services like the newspaper, and don't deliver upon what they promote. They're costly, they’re surrounded by ads, and you must pay ongoing fees to keep your loved one's story alive. What about sharing an obituary on social media? While this can help for those who are active on Facebook or Twitter, it quickly drops out of the newsfeed and is never seen again. Another option would be to build a website to honor their loved one forever. However, most people simply don’t have the resources, either financial or technical, to do something like this.

With an ePassing Page, you have the unique ability to preserve your loved one's life story forever— for an incredibly affordable price of $3. It provides modern and innovative features like arrangement RSVPs, a custom slideshow, a personal thank you message to family and friends, unique page insights and so much more.

Click here to learn more about each feature, or if you'd like to create a page for yourself or a loved one get started by creating your account

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